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AEW Dynamite: An Excellent Episode of WWE Smackdown


AEW Dynamite: An Excellent Episode of WWE Smackdown



Howdy, folks! The Chadster is here again to share his thoughts on AEW Dynamite, the show that has plagued The Chadster’s beloved WWE. But things are starting to turn around, as an off-brand timeslot has pushed AEW into a holding pattern that’s causing them to deliver wrestling the way The Chadster likes it: like WWE does. The Chadster will give you his thoughts on every segment from AEW Dynamite last night, and post you clips where they’re available. If you don’t see videos in the embedded tweets, click on them to watch.

Miro is about to cuck the entire Dark Order on a very WWE edition of AEW DynamiteMiro is about to cuck the entire Dark Order on a very WWE edition of AEW Dynamite
Miro is about to cuck the entire Dark Order on a very WWE edition of AEW Dynamite

Christian Cage defeats Angelico

AEW has some nerve not only bringing back Christian when WWE decided years ago he should be retired, but also putting him in a series of matches with younger talent that show he can still go as well as he ever could. Don’t get The Chadster wrong, he loves when people prove themselves… just not when they prove WWE wrong.

Brock Anderson Makes His AEW Dynamite Debut

There’re two things The Chadster hates about this segment. First of all, WWE is the only company that should be allowed to have someone named Brock wrestle for them. Look. The Chadster doesn’t make the rules. That’s just how it is. Second, The Chadster really didn’t appreciate how AEW used Arn Anderson to get his son over by having QT Marshall sneak attack Arn and then having Brock attack Marshall. The Chadster would also complain about the obvious nepotism, but… well, The Chadster doesn’t really mind nepotism too much.

Eddie Kingston and Death Triangle defeat The Young Bucks and Brandon Cutler

If there’s one thing The Chadster absolutely can’t stand about AEW Dynamite this week, it’s how Eddie Kingston getting the pin in this match shows how AEW gives people opportunities and lets them capitalize on them. If this were WWE, Eddie Kingston would be punished for getting over as more than a midcarder, and that’s the way things should be. And having Frankie Kazarian save Eddie, Pac, and Penta from a post-match beatdown by the Good Brothers served to get over Kazarian’s new gimmick too. You can’t mix storlines like this in the booking. It makes it too complex for the viewers to follow! Augh!

Inner Circle trashes The Pinnacles limo

Okay, The Chadster doesn’t actually mind this one too much. AEW is taking a page out of WWE’s book here by redoing old gimmicks from the Attitude Era. First it was the Inner Circle Bubbly Bath, and now Stone Cold Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle are wrecking The Pinnacle’s vehicles? Classic Stone Cold! This is the kind of familiarity The Chadster demands from his wrestling stories. More of this please, AEW.

Darby Allin agrees to face Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky in a handicap match

Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky challenged Darby Allin to face them with anyone but Sting, but Darby Allin doesn’t have any other friends so he’s going to take them on in a handicap match on his own. If there’s one thing The Chadster has learned from his many years of loving WWE, it’s that nothing gets a babyface over more with the crowd than having them act really dumb, so Darby Allin is on his way to becoming a major star. The Chadster is starting to worry that AEW may be stealing too many of WWE’s ideas though.

Miro crushes Evil Uno while The Dark Order watches

The Chadster understands that Miro is a wrestler who works best in a cuckold angle, but usually it’s Miro who is getting cucked, while this time, Miro cucked the entire Dark Order. This doesn’t really fit with The Chadster’s understanding of the character, but with Lana now a free agent, hopefully Tony Khan will bring her into AEW and then have her sleep with Dolph Ziggler’s brother.

Jungle Boy shows up Kenny Omega

So far, The Chadster likes how AEW has handled Jungle Boy on AEW Dynamite. The crowd seems to like him, and AEW teases him finally winning the big one, but he never actually does. AEW just needs to keep it up a little bit longer until the crowd stops caring, and then Jungle Boy can take his place in the midcard with everyone else.

Lance Archer kills a jobber

Good on AEW for not giving up on making Lance Archer look like a monster no matter how many times he’s booked to lose the important matches. Diminishing returns be damned! This is wrestling the way The Chadster likes it!

Nyla Rose delegitimizes Legit Leila Hirsch

Now that Britt Baker is the face of the AEW women’s division, she needs a new challenger, which means it’s time to build Nyla Rose back up again. Giving title opportunities to the same people over and over again? AEW has finally listened to The Chadster!

Team Taz on the verge of breakup after an embarrassing loss to Dark Order

Hangman Page and Pres10 Vance beat Will Hobbes and Brian Cage in the main event of AEW Dynamite after Ricky Starks and Brian Cage got into a tiff and Cage chased Starks backstage. So let The Chadster get this straight… Team Taz forms as a stable, loses every important match they’re in, and now is already teasing a breakup? This might as well be WWE’s fourth brand!

The Chadster absolutely loved AEW Dynamite tonight. Between being on at 10PM so their ratings aren’t threatening to WWE at all and phoning in the booking for that same reason, AEW has finally hit on a formula The Chadster can truly appreciate. Unfortunately, The Chadster is concerned that AEW will go right back to booking exciting matches with unpredictable storylines once the NBA Playoffs are over, which is a real bummer because The Chadster hates that kind of stuff in his pro wrestling. But for now, The Chadster will just bask in the glory of the most WWE. You can read detailed results from AEW Dynamite here at AEW’s website.

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