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Photos from AEW Dynamite – May 17th, 2021


Photos from AEW Dynamite – May 17th, 2021



AEW has released photos from AEW Dynamite last night. Check out the galleries from last night’s biggest matches and segments below. Right-click and save to download if you want to use them for Zoom backgrounds or whatever.

Christian Cage vs. Matt Sydal

Christian Cage took on Matt Sydal in the opening match of AEW Dynamite last night. It was a good showcase for both men’s wrestling skills, and Cage has been proving nonstop that he can still go, but the true payoff came after the match when Team Taz attacked after Cage scored the victory, taking out Sydal, Cage, and, when he tried to stop it, Hangman Page.

The Acclaimed vs. Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston

The highlight of AEW Dynamite last night, maybe the highlight of the whole year, was Max Caster’s rap. Caster’s rhymes are always on point, like when he said to Kingston: “Yo Eddie why you dressed like it’s 04? You look like a box of Newports.” But it was his diss on Jon Moxley, or rather Moxley’s wife, that created instant nuclear heat: “Call your girl, she all in my mentions, tryin’ to hit me up for some Oral Sessions.” Oral Sessions, of course, is the name of Renee Paquette’s podcast. When Moxley clocked Caster in the face before the bell, the entire viewing audience was right there with him.

Moxley and Kingston won the match when Moxley intercepted an attempt by The Acclaimed to use their boom box. Later, Paquette had her own response to Caster’s accusation:

Interview: Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky

Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky had some harsh words for Sting and Darby Allin, but ended up eating those words when Sting and Allin attacked. They tried to escape but were headed off by The Dark Order. Photos below.

Rebel vs. Hikaru Shida

Dr. Britt Baker’s assistant Rebel took on Hikaru Shida in a match she was doomed to lose on AEW Dynamite last night. But the point wasn’t to score a victory. It was to set up Shida for an attack by Baker ahead of their AEW Women’s Championship match at Double or Nothing. Here are some photos.


Inner Circle Accept the Stadium Stamped Challenge

Shawn Spears is extremely rude to essential workers in the food service industry, but, on the bright side, Tully Blanchard is a great tipper. The Pinnacle cut a promo over dinner on AEW Dynamite last night, running down the Inner Circle and goading them to accept the Stadium Stampede challenge. Unfortunately, when Spears assaulted a waiter for not bringing him a drink quickly enough, Blanchard was forced to pay him off. Later, the Inner Circle came to the ring to accept the challenge for Double or Nothing. If the Inner Circle loses that match, they’ll have to break up forever.

AEW transcribed Chris Jericho’s portion of the promo:

I heard The Pinnacle’s challenge for the Stadium Stampede loud and clear, and the stipulation that if we lose, the Inner Circle has to break up forever. And I’m wondering, is it worth it? And I’m wondering if BLOOD & GUTS was worth it. I’m still thinking about it every day. The toll that it took on all ten of us. A bucket of blood. A pound of flesh. A piece of our souls. It never comes back. Was it worth it? None of us will forget that night, especially me, ’cause I’ll never be the same again. Because of MJF.

Max, you hurt me bad. What won’t go away is the mental image of you throwing me off the top of the cage. The most terrifying moment of my life. You scared my family. You scared my children. You scared every single person you watched BLOOD & GUTS two weeks ago. Was it worth it? The only answer that I have is when I think of the revenge I’m going to get on you MJF. Yes, it was 1000% worth it.

If you want our answer as to whether or not the Inner Circle accepts your challenge for Stadium Stampede, it is 1000% yes! And if we can’t beat The Pinnacle after all we’ve been through, then we don’t deserve to be together anymore. But that won’t happen. Because we told you. We warned you. You’re going to have to kill us to beat us and we’re still alive. At Stadium Stampede, the Inner Circle is coming for you. Hell is coming for you Pinnacle! May 30th, DOUBLE OR NOTHING, we’re gonna dance all over your face and piss all over your grave!

Here’s some photos from a Picture-in-Picture promo cut by Sammy Guevara as well:

Serena Deeb vs. Red Velvet

In a rare second women’s match on AEW Dynamite last night, Serena Deeb successfully defended the NWA Championship against Red Velvet. This match was driven by competition, not a blood feud, and yet it was an excellent match from start to finish, a credit to Deeb’s skills and experience and Red Velvet’s status as a future star. Check out photos below.

Anthony Ogogo vs. Austin Gunn

Ahead of his match with Cody Rhodes at Double or Nothing, Anthony Ogogo took on The Nightmare Family’s Austin Gunn. Despite a great effort at the start by the plucky second-generation competitor, Ogogo turned the tide with a single body blow. By the second one, Gunn was spitting blood, and one more punch put Gunn down for the count. It was a brilliant showcase for Ogogo that really put over his fists as deadly weapons. Check out some photos from the match below, courtesy of AEW.

Miro vs. Lanch Archer – Promo War

Miro cut a promo celebrating his TNT Championship win over Darby Allin. His opponent at Double or Nothing, Lance Archer, came out to hype their match, but Miro was unimpressed with Archer’s monster cred. The best line, from Miro to Jake “The Snake” Roberts warning him not to get near Miro: “There won’t be enough yoga in the world to save you, old man.”

Varsity Blonds vs. The Young Bucks

The Varsity Blonds failed to win the tag team championships from the Young Bucks in a killer main event match. But after the match, the Bucks did get some comeuppance in the form of Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston stealing their shoes.

Not Pictured

Jade Cargill will consider an offer from Mark Sterling to work for her.

Frankie Kazarian vowed revenge on The Elite for what they did to Christopher Daniels.


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