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Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners: High Paying in 2020

Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners: High Paying in 2020

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Best affiliate marketing programs for beginners – make $100/day with these high paying affiliate programs. Today we’re looking at the best affiliate networks and affiliate programs to promote in 2020.

Do you want to make money from affiliate marketing? If yes, then you need to know which networks, programs and offers to promote in order to make good money. Good programs can help you more money faster, so it’s quite important to get it right 🙂


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Affiliate marketing relies on traffic. Without traffic, there are no sales.

Recently, I’ve posted a ton of videos showing how to promote affiliate links. However, I’ve been asked many times about the best programs to promote as well.

So I’ve decided to make this list of the best affiliate programs for beginners, so that anyone, even complete newbies, know which offers to start promoting.

In my opinion, the best affiliate programs are those that are very useful, and which people already want and need, they just don’t know exactly which one to buy. This way, you don’t even need to do any selling, you just need to show to them the solution.

So, the first half of the offers deals with recurring tools and services, such as page builders, and keyword tools.

The second half deals with products which offer high value commissions, such as hosting affiliate programs, which can pay up to $100 per sale or even higher in some instances.

I’ve listed both affiliate programs, and affiliate networks (which sometimes contain thousands of affiliate programs inside the network).

Hope you enjoy the video!

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Earnings Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that you will make any money by following the advice in this video. Your results will vary depending on your effort and other factors. This video is for entertainment and education purposes only and no guarantees are made. This is not financial or business advice.

*Affiliate Disclaimer: Any links you click might be affiliate links. I might be paid a commission for any purchases made via the links in this video.

Greg Kononenko
(The Caffeinated Blogger)

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