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Best WordPress Hosting 2021 Best Cheap Web Hosting

Best WordPress Hosting 2021 Best Cheap Web Hosting

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Here’s the Best WordPress Hosting: in this review I show the best cheap web hosting provider. 👉Get 75% Discount on HostArmada, use coupon CBSPECIAL75: http://bit.ly/HostArmCB (*aff)

I’ve recently switched my WordPress websites to a new hosting provider – HostArmada. They are the best hosting company I’ve been with – they are very fast and very cheap. And their customer support is top-notch, you can solve pretty much any problem almost instantly, via Chat.

I hope you enjoy this review / introduction to HostArmada!

✅ Get 75% Discount on HostArmada, click this link, then use coupon CBSPECIAL75 in the last page of checkout: http://bit.ly/HostArmCB (*aff)


In this video, I’ll show you why I’ve decided to switch over from Siteground to HostArmada. Siteground are an excellent hosting service, however their priced have gone up in the last couple of years from around $4 a month to around $7 a month, and that’s a big jump. Also, they stopped accepting customers from some countries such as Russia and India.

So I started looking for another best cheap webhost which has excellent customer service, excellent speed, high reliability and all of that at a reasonably low price. And that’s how I’ve found HostArmada. I’ve been very impressed with them and I wanted to share with you exactly why I like HostArmada hosting for WordPress.

First of all, my websites are now running very fast. In fact, faster than on Siteground. HostArmada uses fast SSD drives, and everything is running much faster than previously on Siteground.

Next, the price. HostArmada are amongst the cheapest WordPress hosting companies. For comparison, Siteground starts at 6.99/month. HostArmada starts from $3.99 a month, but if you use my link, and my coupon CBSPECIAL75, you will be able to get additional discount and get it for just $3.32 a month (click this link, then use coupon CBSPECIAL75 in the last page of checkout: http://bit.ly/HostArmCB (*aff))

Lastly, customer service. It’s super-imporant for all WordPress users, bloggers, and all other website owners. And it’s very frustrating when you need to solve an urgent problem or get an answer to a question, and you have to wait days. That’s what I really value about HostArmada – they have instant chat support. In this video, I am showing you how I had an operator on chat line in 7 seconds. And how I then had my problem solved in 35 seconds. Pretty impressive for a cheap web hosting company 🙂


00:00 Intro
00:46 New Best Hosting Service
02:24 Speed Test
04:47 WordPress Admin Speed Test
05:33 Pricing
07:53 Features
09:16 Google Reviews
10:00 Test of Customer Support Speed
11:28 How to get the Discount Applied

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Greg Kononenko
(The Caffeinated Blogger)

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