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Former WWE Superstar Debuts on All Elite Wrestling


Former WWE Superstar Debuts on All Elite Wrestling


Tonight’s episode of AEW Dynamite featured a rather shocking debut, one that many hoped for but weren’t sure they would actually get. During the show, Tony Schiavone asked Mark Henry if he would ever wrestle again, and while Henry wouldn’t give a concrete answer, he left the door open, saying he does have a lot left in the tank. Unfortunately, that’s where the conversation stopped, as they were interrupted by Vickie Guerrero, who introduced her newest recruit, former WWE superstar Andrade, who it would seem is now part of AEW.

Andrade is now going by Andrade El Idolo, and he walked to the ring with some serious swagger in a pretty fly green suit (gotta recognize the suit game). He told Vickie thank you and then launched into a promo.

He said, “I used to say I am the face of Latinos, but, today I am saying I will be the new face of All Elite Wrestling.”

He gave the mic back and basked in the cheers from the crowd, and then they made their way backstage.

So, if there were any doubts he is part of the brand, those are now put to rest. As for who we will see him take on first, we’re not sure, but we cannot wait to see what he does next, and you can check out his full AEW introduction in the video above.

El Idolo was released from WWE back in March, but it was a mutual parting of ways, as he had previously asked for his release. He hadn’t been on WWE television for quite some time, despite being all healed up from injury and medically cleared, and he was understandably frustrated. When he was released he took to social media to address it and his time with WWE, and he thanked those who helped him along the way.

“I want to thank [Triple H], [Paul Heyman]and [William Regal] for all these years and great support that they gave me all these years also to the fans who were always supporting me, a big hug to all the talent and workers who always behaved kindly to me,” El Idolo wrote.

Now he’s in AEW, and hopefully, they can capture the potential he showed in NXT and finally get him to the top.

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