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How Much YouTube Pays Me For 1,000 Views in 2020

How Much YouTube Pays Me For 1,000 Views in 2020

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Here is how much Youtube pays me for 1000 views in 2020 and how much money I make on YouTube with a small channel. I am showing my exact YouTube earnings and CPM and RPM.

If you want to make money on YouTube, you’re probably interested to learn how much YouTube pays for 1000 views, and in general how much YouTubers make.

So I’ve made this video to show you my YouTube earnings, and to explain what influences YouTube earnings, for example the niche of the channel.


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Different Youtube channels make different amounts for a reason. First reason is the actual niche of the channel. Channels in the generic niches such as entertainment or pranks make less money per 1000 views than channels such as business or investing channels.

Viewers of entertainment channels are not really interested in buying anything, so the advertiser interest is naturally lower, and they are not prepared to spend good money on showing ads to the viewers of generic channels.

That’s why in this video where I show how much money I make on YouTube, you will see that my channel makes on average around $15-20 per 1,000 views, whereas generic channels such as entertainment make somewhere around $1-3 per 1000 views. So in effect, I can get 10 times less views but make some money as some huge channels that get 100,000 views a day.

So how much does YouTube pay? In my experience, $1-3 per 1000 views in generic niches; then goes up to around $3 – $7 per 1000 views in some more targeted niches such as beauty, skincare, grooming, healthy lifestyle, cooking; And finally the highest paying niches seem to be business, investment, real estate and credit cards, and those niches seem to pay $15-30 per 1000 views (confirmed by my experience too).

And how much money do I make on YouTube in a month? Well, this past month has been close to $6,000 USD. This is my highest month ever. I still only do YouTube as a part-time hobby. And the reason for that is that I’ve got other businesses that I run. So as you can see, you can still make really good money on YouTube, even if you’re just a part-time YouTuber.

Greg Kononenko

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