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How to Write Blog Content QUICKLY

How to Write Blog Content QUICKLY

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Here is exactly how to write a blog post fast. Watch this blog content writing tutorial and you will be able to write blog content quickly.
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Today we’re going to learn how you can write blog content quickly, without outsourcing. I’ve been using this method to produce content on my blogs in as little as one hour per post. This is great because it means that if you follow the steps in my video, you can produce several high-quality posts in a single day.


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👉How to choose a Blogging Niche:

👉How to start a blog, from scratch:


In this video I will show you exactly how I produce content on my travel blog TravelCroc. I stick to the type of content known as “Listicles” or list-style posts, for example “Top 10 Destinations to Visit in Australia”. This type of content is proven to go viral and to rank well in Google.

You can write this kind of content in any niche, such as “top 10 software that do XYZ” or “top 10 winter plants for your garden”.

The first step is to research the content that your competitors have posted on their blogs. I will give you several blog writing examples that will show you what I mean by list-style articles.

Next, you need to plan your blog post. A simple outline in a Notepad is more than enough. In the outline, you need to have your title, and the sub-headings (one sub-heading for each of the list items). I show how to do that step by step.

After that, you need to re-write the information that you see on competitor websites into your own blog. Make sure you re-write it and not copy it. You need to re-write the sections of their blog posts in your own words.

Hope you enjoy this tutorial!

All the best
Greg Kononenko


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